leather care

premium leathers

Our premium leathers are sourced from top tanneries around the world including, Italy, France, Germany and the United States.

These naturally tanned leathers are best enhanced and protected with our own Maine bees wax Leather remedy. To buff out scuffs melt the smallest amount (1/16 tsp) in the warmth of your hand. Buff well into sections until warm and melted into the leather. Repeat as needed.


Nubuck is a top grain polished leather. Softer and smoother than suede, which is the back side of the leather. We source our nubuck leathers from France, Germany and the United States. Nubuck is meant to pick up natural oils over time from hands and the environment. This adds to the character and patina and helps build up its own resistance to stains. We still recommend some basic care.

To aid in its resistance to dirt and water we offer a protective spray. When using the nubuk leather protector make sure surface to be sprayed is clean and dry. Hold can of Water Protector 6 to 8 inches from surface and spray evenly over entire area. Allow the article to dry thoroughly and repeat as necessary.

Our favorite little finds for cleaning spots and scuffs is with a nubuck eraser and brush set also available here on R&T. To use: scrub spot with eraser and buff out the nap with the nylon brush. Lastly, our natural bristle leather brush is amazing for refreshing the nap of the nubuck, a must for any nubuck bag or boot. Avoid contact with heavy oils and wax. Be cautious wearing against denim as some denim dyes can rub off on leathers.

lightweight lambskin & semi naked leathers

It has taken many years to build relationships with some of Italy's most exclusive boutique tanneries. This is the same lambskin used by the industries iconic bag designers like Celine and chloe. This lambskin is 'washed' to give it the body and thickness needed for a rugged bag that is meant for everyday use.

The vegetable tanned saddle and dark brown lambskins are perfectly cared for with our own organic 'Remedy Light' but do benefit from intermittent treatments of the more rich regular Maine bees wax 'Leather Remedy'. To keep these leathers clean, enhanced and soft we recommend monthly use of our Leather Remedy Light. Rub in 1/4 tsp at a time into scuffed areas. To clean, put a thick layer on spot, let sit for two minutes and then wipe with a dry cloth.

dark brown lambskin
woven black calfskin  USA
black in lambskin or calf  Italy
soft 'snake' lambskin France
platinum calfskin
copper lambskin  Italy
rose pewter lambskin  Italy
bone lambskin  Italy
navy in lamb Italy

waxed canvas & fabrics

These waxed linen products are uniquely ours. We have commissioned a small start up company to develop this fabric for us using Maine bees wax. Our waxed canvas is naturally resistant to water and weather.

If cleaning is needed, we recommend our organic clear citrus castile liquid soap. Apply small amount of liquid soap. Scrub with brush, rinse with cool water. Do not wash in very hot water and do not dry clean waxed fabric. Take care to not leave for a prolonged time in a hot car as this can melt the wax and cause subtle discoloration to other surfaces. Re-waxing with our wax bar is optional and recommended annually in hot climates. This will keep your canvas crisp, crinckly, and keep it continuously water and stain resistant. Our natural bristle brush is what we keep on hand for everyday cleaning as needed.

natural beeswaxed linen
espresso waxed canvas
black waxed canvas
chambray beeswaxed linen