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Custom Bags

A custom ‘client designed’ ‘one of a kind’ bag may include a dozen or more unique components, and it is inevitable that more often than we would like, a medium may be made as a large. Or perhaps the stitching is a tiny bit wonky. If this happens we quickly reboot, and make another ‘perfect’ bag right away. The ‘sister’ bag is either donated to a charity, sent to our retail store or sold here.

Post Season Leather or Style

As we move from one season to the next, there may be some amazing leathers that are being replaced with a new shade to always keep an evolving design palette for our clients. Here is your chance to get a perfect bag in this season’s perfect leather, and help us make room for the new. Likewise, we are always editing designs, and one may find a style here because we have made a slight change to the ‘going forward’ pattern.


Being hand made in a natural material, no bag is perfect beyond scrutiny. But when they are obviously flawed, typically minutely, they still deserve a home. Categorizing a bag as a second may be due any number of things including uneven stitching or a blemish on the leather.


In any given month, we are involved in numerous prototype projects. All the designs that have become the cornerstone of R&T went through dozens of prototypes before they made there way into our line. Sometimes there are minute differences between a prototype and the final design.

Sale items may only be returned for store credit within the return timeframe. Store credit can be used on the website including custom online orders. It can not be used to place orders over the phone.

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