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Swatch Key

icons-sw-one lightweight - perfect for a lined bag, excellent weight for travel, well suited for tops of bags

icon-sw-two medium weight - perfect for bases of bags, a little heavier than 1, but still suitable for a full (lined or unlined) bag

icon-sw-three heavy weight - especially suited for totes & all unlined bags

icon-sw-rugged super rugged, suitable for all seasons, weather & wear resistant, scratches typically rub out, gains patina over time

icon-sw-moderate moderate weather & wear resistance, still a great everyday leather

icon-sw-special a special leather not necessarily suitable for everyday use, a durable leather but may be more susceptible to showing wear. this leather should be worn with care

icon-sw-strong-2 strong availability

icons-sw-limited-2 limited, may not be in stock for long

icon-sw-extremely-limited-2 extremely limited, call to order

icon-sw-remedy leather remedy

icon-sw-remedy-light leather remedy light

icon-sw-nubuck nubuck eraser and spray

All natural leathers will have the potential for some degree of color transfer. This depends on humidity, temperature, and composition of the article subject to the transfer. Painted leather will typically not transfer. 

The leathers shown here are the proprietary property of Rough & Tumble and not intended for resale and or self promotion of any kind.

*please note that we do not send multiples of the same swatch in an order.

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