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how to be the designer
model wearing borough

inventory batch production

multiple bags are cut & made in the same design in 3 - 6 weeks

model wearing boho

custom individual production

one at a time, each individual piece is cut & made in 5 to 12 weeks.

number 01

let the lookbook guide you

designers inspiring designers.

  • click on the bag style
  • browse the designs
  • utilize the find inspiration search bar
    • by a leather you love
    • by a design detail, such as rolled edge or microtrim
  • save the custom code ‘PLB001’
    • TIP: this will help a design specialist (and you) easily find a bag you are inspired by.
  • have fun, pin & share your favorite designs too
number 02

tools of the trade

order swatches and play.

frequently asked questions

we've got you covered

“can I make changes once I’ve placed my order?”
Your custom design moves immediately into production, securing all details of the bag. If you have an immediate change (less than 1 hour from placement), we may be able to accommodate.

frequently asked questions

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