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be the designer

Our online design center allows for unlimited combinations.
Create a bag completely your own, worthy of handing down.
The online process is fun and easy, but we are right here if one prefers to call.
Our in-house design team is on hand to assist.
207 808 5042
Design your own
photo courtesy of garnet hill

Top Online Partners

There is an inherent beauty in something made one at a time, by one Maker from start to finish. We call this ‘studio manufacturing’. Rough & Tumble makes every bag this way, with a resolve to not succumb to the growing pressure to mass produce. Holding a Rough & Tumble bag, evokes the sense of commitment to a slower pace of production rarely seen today.

In our Brunswick, Maine studio, a growing team of local Makers participate intimately in the design and engineering process with founder and creative director Natasha Durham. “Our Makers are never separate from the art they are making”. Collectors around the world know the brand well, although discreetly labeled, the designs are unmistakeable.

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