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R&T Store Credit + Rewards

WHY the update?

  • excited to have a new convenient way to keep track and help consolidate all store credits in one place.
  • seamless checkout process with the new one-click apply button at checkout.
  • quicker returns with store credit going straight into your wallet once it is received back, and no longer sending multiple gift card codes.
  • new credit rewards for select promotional products will become available.

store credit system frequently asked questions

*all faq's below are referencing the most recent change to our gift card and store credit process, please note these changes went into effect starting May 5, 2022.

checkout process

How do I use my loyalty code at checkout?

There will be a fast one-click apply option to use your credit amount at checkout. It will also show you the total you have available in your account.

Will I have to use the full amount on my order if it is less than the total?

Yes, if you have $100 available on your loyalty card and choose to apply it to your $150 order, it will use the full amount. If your order total is less than, for example, $50, it will only deduct the $50 from your loyalty card.

I have a $20 reward that is going to expire in 30 days that I want to use first on my loyalty card, when I place an order how will it know to use that before my normal store credit?

The loyalty credits will use the funds that are going to expire first!

Can I use my loyalty reward store credit on phone-in customs?


gift card

What's different with purchasing a gift card?

We now offer a “Send as a Gift” option which will allow clients to easily send a gift card directly from the website. You can choose an image that will be sent with the gift card, write a personal message and schedule it to be sent at a later date.

Can I purchase multiple gift cards in one order?

Yes! Clients can even send gift cards to different recipients in one order. All you need to do is click on the 'send as a gift' button, insert the recipient details and click 'add to cart'. This process is repeated for additional recipients. Once you reach the cart page, you will see all gift cards with the corresponding recipient details and personalized greeting messages.

I have several gift cards, can I add them myself to my new loyalty code?

No, all previously purchased or received gift cards before May 5, 2022, would have to be sent through our form found here to be added to your loyalty code. However, you do not have to add these if you prefer to keep them separate, they will still work as normal at checkout.

What is the reason to add past gift cards to my new loyalty card?

It's a simple solution to consolidate all codes into one, and offer the convenience of a one-click checkout button. Please note if previous gift cards are added to your loyalty code the past codes are then deactivated.

Why is a gift card I purchased for myself or was gifted to me have a different code than my loyalty code?

The loyalty code is considered a store credit for returns, or as a reward for a promotional purchase. The gift card is purchased directly by oneself or gifted and has a unique code.


Are there changes to the return policy?

There will be no changes to the policy, you will still be receiving store credit as mentioned on our faqs page here. However, the store credit will now always be issued as a loyalty card or added to a customer's loyalty card if they already have an account with us. The credit will still be sent to your email notifying you of the reason it was received (in this instance for a return).

If I do not have an R&T account and return an item that I would receive store credit for how will it be sent to me without a loyalty number?

It will be issued as a loyalty card directly to your email. This code can then be entered at checkout where it states 'gift card'.

If I return an item I used my store credit on will it just go back onto my same loyalty number?

Yes that order will be refunded and the store credit will be re-loaded onto your loyalty card code.

store credit promotional returns

If I receive store credit rewards from a promotion will it expire?

Yes, please note the expiration date of any promotional amounts stated during the sale or stated in your wallet.

If I cancel or return an item that I received a promotional credit for will I lose this?

The store credit reward will automatically be canceled once that order is refunded, it will be deducted from your loyalty code.

If I already used my store credit reward and then return the item I received it from what will happen?

The reward amount will be deducted according to the updated amount of the purchase after the refund was made.

fun facts

  • ADD R&T gift cards and loyalty cards to your apple wallet!

things to note

*loyalty codes are unique to your account & should not be shared or sold due to the fact that future credits will all appear on the same number.

consolidate credit into your account

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