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MEL dark brown | swatch

MEL dark brown

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leather weight: lightweight options such as lambskins are perfect for the top of bags and for travel, medium weight is suitable for both lined and unlined bags, with heavyweight being the best option for tote styles and the base of designs.

finish: the surface look of the leather

drape: normally in direct relation to the weight of the leather, lightweight resulting in a softer drape.

availability: very limited leathers are reserved for custom designs, and strong availability of leathers will move into options on website items.


weight: light
light medium
finish: matte
light sheen
light sheen
drape: extra soft drape
soft drape
easy drape
moderate structure
soft drape
natural markings: 1(light)
availability: strong
care: leather remedy light
Please test all care products on a swatch. All leathers and dye lots may react differently.

recommended pairings

designer strap selection
  • mahogany
  • dark brown
designer zipper selection
  • dark brown
insider info
for use as a cinch panel: good

In house available, no up-charge for custom designs. 


For over a decade we have been building relationships with some of the best tanneries in in Europe, primarily, Italy. Some are like a fortress, and typically accessed only by very well known designers, and some it feels as though we have discovered. Either way, it has been a long and continuing process to reach this ever-growing understanding.
They have come to know exactly what our passion leathers look like, some featured as limited runs on the 'Jewel Box' page. And they know that if we are working on a custom project together, that we won't let them down. We will be loyal and patient, investing in lifelong partnerships.
The MEL line is such a project. The first two colors were offered to us just as they were, perfect. Sahara and Dark Brown. From here we will begin developing custom R&T colors each season.

Dark Brown is an MEL leather. (most exquisite leather)

Origin: Northern Italy.

The MEL leathers stand out for their deep saturated and reflective pigment. The hand is more silky than buttery. Unexplainably soft. This leather is lightweight, but not thin. Has a good squish to it. Not exactly matte and definitely not shiny. The Dark Brown has a perfectly smooth and even grain, with a natural luminous finish. 

This swatch is approx 2"x2" for previewing.

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