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We have partnered with treet to bring customers an official resale marketplace to buy and sell new & like-new Rough & Tumble custom designs online.

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frequently asked questions

selling a pre-loved custom

Can I resell both online customs and phone-in custom designs?

Yes! The pre-loved site is now open to selling website inventory alongside custom designs.

When I go to 'find the item I'm selling' and search all my Rough & Tumble orders, does Treet have access to this information displayed?

We take customer privacy very seriously, and Treet does not have access to this data, and it is not stored on their servers. When a client enters this information only then is it indexed through the Rough & Tumble site. We have more information about Treet's direct privacy policy found here too - https://roughandtumble.treet.co/privacy-policy

When I search through my order details how do I easily find the custom I want to list if I'm not sure what order number it is?

If you do not have the exact order number, and enter your email to sort through all your Rough & Tumble orders, you will only be able to click and see the details under the available customs. The catalog of items is also available to browse through by searching the name of the item and selecting it to sell.

I purchased an authentic, preowned custom bag from a customer on a different resale site and want to resell it here, is this possible or do you have to be the original purchaser?

Yes, you definitely can, as long as the custom is in 'like new' condition you can resell it here. All you will need is the 'info used for the original order' email or phone # + original order confirmation number.

What happens after I submit my listing?

The item will be reviewed within 24 hours, once approved it will then appear live on the site. If there is an issue, treet will email you asking for changes.

I customized a little, or strap such as an elevation strap, am I able to sell it here?

Yes, you can sell any littles or strap accessories on the preloved site.

I want to lower my selling price, is this possible?

Yes, you can go in and lower the price, or edit your listing at any time

I live outside the united states can I still sell on the site?

Treet currently does not have the ability for customers to sell items internationally at this time.

shopping the preloved custom community

I have a question about the item listed who do I reach out to?

There is a treet chat or direct email that you can reach out to, if you have any followup questions feel free to reach out directly to the studio too at service@roughandtumbledesign.com

Will I be able to purchase a bag if I live outside of the US?

As of right now treet does not offer international purchases.

Who pays for shipping?

The buyer pays a flat rate of $8.00 for shipping.


Can items be crossposted, such as if you have the bag posted in an area like eBay, Poshmark or a fanpage BST group?

Yes, however please update the listing as soon as possible if it is no longer available for customers to purchase on the Rough & Tumble preloved site.

I have a limited bag or prototype I purchased on the website, or from the store, can I sell it here?

Yes, we ask that you please include all details about the item in the naming of it if it is a second or a prototype.

Can I use a fan discount code, or welcome code on this treet site?

No, these codes are only active on roughandtumbledesign.com.

Will I still be able to use my welcome or fan discount code when I use my treet store credit code on roughandtumbledesign.com?


Where can I use the store credit that I earned from selling on roughandtumble.treet.co?

Once you receive the email with your treet discount code it will direct you to fill out a form for it to be transferred to R&T store credit. This is a unique code (not your loyalty code). It is redeemable at roughandtumbledesign.com for anything on the website with the exception of gift cards, it also can be used for phone-in customs.

Why do we have to transfer our discount code to a store credit gift card?

Transferring it to a store credit will allow clients to not have to use the full amount on one transaction. We have also had clients reach out about transferring or gifting credits, and with this being a unique code it will be transferable at that client's discretion without communicating it to R&T.

Can I sell my treet discount code to another fan?

Treet discount codes are non-transferable.

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