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pure saddle | swatch | back in stock!

Rough & Tumble

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$20 charge for custom order


Wrinkle me to bring out my best character!

Due to the heavy weight of pure saddle, design limitations include: no cash packs, small crossbody bags, pencil cases, cinch panels, clutches, Travelers, lornas, estees, edgeless bases or 1904s.


Zippered bags must have micro trim.

Our premium leathers are sourced from top tanneries around the world including, Italy, France, Germany and the United States.
Premium Saddle has a natural waxy finish, soft deep rich color and is water and weather resistant with a subtle texture. Being a naturally tanned leather it will show the natural markings from the animals life. The only way to avoid this 'character' is with a painted leather which typically is not our personal preference. 
Its heavier hand makes it perfect for many of our tote designs.
*typically paired with matching strap and details.
This swatch is approx 2"x2" for previewing.
Swatches are final sale and mailed USPS First Class.
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