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In The Design Studio, May 12

❗️UPDATE - sold out! We are cutting through each design to see what we will have remaining and will call back in the order received on the waitlist. We are working hard to get more, stay tuned, and thank you for your patience on the phone lines ❤️.

The Jade leather is back! We have a limited amount so you will not find it on the swatch page. Also, we are introducing the new Julep style currently available for custom design. Design notes below -
*available in the original size only: approx. 12" H x 17" W x 7" D
* magentic top closure only
* two strap length options: 14" or 20"
*tulip style exterior pockets only
*starting custom price: $578
*optional add riveted D-rings: $20 / D-rings with crossbody adjustable narrow strap: $108
📞 207.808.5042

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