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Rough & Tumble Featured on Times Square Billboard

Rough & Tumble Featured on Times Square Billboard

Handbag Maker Invited to Display for a Full Week on NYC’s Disney® building   

Brunswick, Maine—Rough & Tumble, the Maine-based handbag maker, is known for its innovative and anything-but-typical customization services offering patrons anywhere in the world the rare ability to be the designers of their own, handmade creations. This distinctive brand differentiator is gaining big-screen attention. Rough & Tumble is being featured on a 4,000 square foot billboard in NYC's Time Square and on the famed Disney® Building at 1540 Broadway from February 24 to March 2, 2020.

"It's so special to be invited to appear on a Times Square billboard to showcase our groundbreaking 'Become The Designer' brand focus," says Natasha Durham, Rough & Tumble's Founder and Creative Director. "Rough & Tumble is already known as the industry standout in expertly crafted quality, and especially as one of the few U.S. companies still crafting one bag at-a-time by one local maker,” she continues. “In fact, we coined the phrase ‘studio manufacturing’ to describe our resolve to never succumb to the growing pressure to mass-produce.”

The brand’s Become the Designer customization experience provides limitless customization possibilities to handbag collectors wanting to own heirloom-worthy bags that fit their distinctive individualities and real-world functionality requirements.

(Pictured: Rough & Tumble's 2020 Billboard in NYC's Famed Times Square)

To build their expanding line of fine leathers and lambskins, Rough & Tumble partners with Italian and French tanneries to custom produce exclusive leathers, further providing a rare opportunity for bag collectors to design a one-of-a-kind bag in an otherwise commonly seen sea of handbag designs and functionality. Rough & Tumble bags range in price from $80 to $700. 

The Rough & Tumble direct-to-consumer customization experience starts here: www.roughandtumbledesign.com or by calling (207) 808-5042 to have their in-house Design Support Team help navigate, interactively on-line or live.

Media Opportunities: Contact Julie R. Manley, at juliem@roughandtumbledesign.com and at (646) 981-3342.

About Rough & Tumble:

Established in 2008 by creative director, Natasha Durham, Rough & Tumble handbags are expert-crafted, one-at-a-time in Maine. Deliberately referred to as ‘the unbranded-brand,’ Rough & Tumble provides an exclusive, signature mix of visual balance, clean architecture, and high function to achieve trend-free, heirloom-quality design. From anywhere in the world, each customer has the rare opportunity to ‘become the designer’ in a cutting-edge retail experience to create a bag uniquely their own. With an infinite number of possible design combinations in at least 12 different handbag styles available, Design Support Team to help navigate, interactively on-line or live. Rough & Tumble is committed to producing their lines solely in Maine and sources their entire production team from local talent. Visit their Flagship Store in Portland, Maine, and design studio in Brunswick, Maine. To learn more, visit www.roughandtumbledesign.com.

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