tuxedo sling | medium

tuxedo sling | medium

Rough & Tumble

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black rock navy
double gilded mink nubuck
woven black
premium saddle
soft black
rustic pecan
distressed espresso

"I always take note of what women & men are carrying out in the world. In the last year, there has only been one concept/form that startled me with its loveliness. This so cool girl, in my favorite coffee shop... the one that I drive an hour to for the perfect cap... anyway, she had this little unlined sling bag almost in the shape of a plastic grocery bag. If I had not just gotten my iPhone 5, I would have thought to take a photo of her whole perfectly easy look. The leather was not right, nor was the stitching expensive looking, but she looked amazing wearing it. Later in the studio, I began to deconstruct what I loved about this bag. The form needed some push & pull, and of course it needed the lovely drape that can only come with the softest leather."

Tuxedo Sling 


select leather | tuxedo stripe and strap 


    large iPhone pocket, unlined
    removable corded leather key fob