oyster forks

oyster forks

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'heirloom' hand cast oyster forks

Love these for lobster as well. I can't imagine a better 'made in maine' gift.

Growing up, my grandmother Alicia aka 'Mims', imparted a level of taste to everything she touched. I remember these forks in sterling for lobster dinners and oysters with mignonette. Decades later, just one of these precious forks remained.

This summer I announced that we were going to cast the very last sterling fork in bronze and share them with our loyal fans & family. Plus, now I have a set of twelve of my grandmothers forks. All is as it should be. Very fun!

Set of four handcast bronze oyster forks. Each set comes in a hand made premium leather case. 

each fork measures 6" long 
solid bronze, hand cast with natural patina