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Custom 1904 - Customer's Product with price 458.00

Custom 1904 - Customer's Product with price 458.00


Regular price $458 Sale - Select Styles

Customize - body style standard
Customize - size medium ($408) (20)
Customize - body light saddle
Customize - flap light saddle
Customize - strap vintage brown
Customize - clasp straps light saddle
Customize - cording vintage brown
Customize - strap options none ($0)
Customize (Left) - flap - back coal de lis (50)
Customize (Left) - interior canvas lining sienna waxed canvas
Customize (Left) - stripe saddle
Customize (Left) - hardware antique silver
Customize (Left) - zipper cafe
Customize (Left) - zipper pull double gilded mink
Customize (Left) - select your gift! slip case ($0)
Customize (Left) - I agree this custom order is final sale & can not be returned or canceled. Yes, I agree
configId qgPr3FCkSic5MabbkFbge-Fd
productUrl https://roughandtumbledesign.com/collections/custom/products/custom-1904
_image https://storage.googleapis.com/custom-product-builder/5973409/orders/rough-tumble-2010330857559-Pv65IchmwMOYWqwzOI5ka499.png
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