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Clip Kiri + matching clip pouch

Clip Kiri + matching clip pouch

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Rough & Tumble

medium - mink

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Inspired by the Japanese art of paper cutting. The design process included cutting and folding dozens of paper pop-up totes. Four corners and two seams, just two pattern pieces make up this buoyant three-dimensional tote. So functional with two outer side pockets and extra large interior cell pocket. Includes our roomy little zip pouch & complimentary Elevation strap. 

Clip Kiri Set | with matching zip pouch


  • two deep side pockets
  • best match elevation strap + matching zip pouch


  • large iPhone pocket
  • corded clip key fob 
  • matching zip pouch - 8" wide x 6.5" tall
made one at a time in maine
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