addon R&T leather remedy

addon R&T leather remedy

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Over the years I have not found a single leather conditioner that did not seem overly harsh, oily, and full of chemicals. Often darkening the leather beyond recognition.
Other name brand conditioners seemed to have no richness at all and did not even effect the leather. These are the types that are sold at the big brand stores. They remove all liability of discoloration by having the conditioner do nothing.

Leather Remedy is for our 'vintage' leathers and our heavier veg tanned premium leathers.

For lambskin and naked leathers please use Leather Remedy Light

This has finally come off my list of things to do. Our own formulation perfectly suited to our leathers. Especially recommended for our 'vintage' leathers and our heavier veg tanned premium leathers.
These are natural vegetable tanned aniline leathers. The color will never come off because the color goes all the way through. Not painted on like many leathers.
The compromise is that these special premium leathers will scuff more easily, but can always be brought right back with a touch of the right conditioner. 

Our formula includes many tested ingredients, including:

  • Maine beeswax
  • glycerine
  • alo vera
  • cocoa butter
  • vitamin E
  • petroleum jelly


To buff out scuffs, melt the smallest amount (1/16 tsp) in the warmth of your hand. Buff well into sections until warm and melted into the leather. Repeat as needed.