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Boothbay tote | fully lined in picholine

Boothbay tote | fully lined in picholine

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I have been coveting the idea of this exact bag for years. So happy to finally be taking it to the beach, outdoor yoga, and on the boat. Great for any adventure that requires layers of clothing, hat, water bottle, towel etc.

Thank you to Chris & Sara for helping make this bag happen. Chris used to work in Norway and is now a Maker for R&T working in his own studio. Sara was one of the very first R&T Makers, if not the first! Helping me out when I was still working from home.

Be the Designer and design your one of a kind Boothbay tote - 207 808 5042

Boothbay Tote


  • fully lined | picholene | viscose & cotton
  • two large side pockets 
  • little D ring + clip on corded leather key fob
made one at a time in maine
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