adjustable hobo pack | new

adjustable hobo pack | new

Rough & Tumble

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This leather is 'a needle in the haystack'
This is how we describe the leathers that have taken us many years to either source or develop.

The new Adjustable Hobo Pack was designed to answer a few questions in regards to the regular Classic Hobo Pack.

"what if I don't often use the crossbody strap?"  "can I adjust or customize the strap length?" "what if I don't use the short strap?"

With our much loved Classic Hobo Pack, the crossbody strap is always there, which I think looks cool, but it does not always work for the client that hardly uses it. This new design is also perfect for the client that always uses the crossbody strap and does not need the clip on short strap included with the Classic Hobo Pack. Plus, their crossbody strap is now adjustable!

Perfect  for travel and for everyday with its unique soft drape and three in one function. Most women enjoy the New Adjustable Hobo as a shoulder or crossbody bag. Some women wear it as a pack exclusively and some never wear the Hobo as a pack. Pick your favorite way. 

Featherweight & Fully Adjustable 

Cross Body + Backpack + Shoulder Bag 

Outside | sizing is the same as the Classic Hobo Pack

color: soft subtle 'snake' lambskin | origin: Italy 
soft & durable, lightweight lambskin 
straps | reinforced cross body/backpack strap 
closure | YKK smooth metal top zipper
hardware | antique silver (subtle)


matte, neutral and lightweight lining
pockets | full zipped pocket
two half width slot pockets
three leather iPhone/passport/glasses pockets
removable corded leather key fob

still made one at a time in maine