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green puddle | fine suede | swatch

Rough & Tumble

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Suede is the back side of a hide, soft and with a luxurious nap. We source our suede from Europe. Suede is meant to pick up natural oils over time from hands and the environment. This adds to the character and patina and helps build up its own resistance to stains. Avoid contact with heavy oils and wax. Suede spray is recommended. Be cautious wearing against denim as some denim dyes can rub off on leathers.

The inherent nature of suede persuades us to advocate for caution in the use and care of your special bag - ie, do not take on the subway in NY!

Green puddle has a particularly soft and drapey hand.

Additional charge on custom designs is $20. 

This swatch is 2"x 2" for previewing or crafting. 
Swatches are final sale.

This is an extremely limited leather. Feel free to purchase this swatch however we cannot guarantee the availability at the time of purchase.

jewel box limited series

Over a decade of hard won relationships with the worlds best boutique tanneries has lead us to a very special place. The place we have always aspired to - exclusive and ongoing access to the top echelon of 'jewel box' leathers.
We promised them we would look no where else and they promised us the world. These leathers will find their way onto our main site, but the most limited 'jewels' may be found here.

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