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Custom Webster

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Secure Cinch Top with Vertical Zip Pocket

We design for ourselves. Letting the eye lead the way. Louise, Crystal and I spend a lot of time looking, standing back, arms crossed, trying to see with eyes that have never seen. We want our dozen years of technical knowledge to inform this new design, not constrain it. Focussing on visual balance and excitement over concept. Ideas or concepts are free. Here in our mill, they float to the twenty foot ceilings and pile in the halls like leaves in the fall. It is the long weeks spent with the prototyper that puts something special in our hands. Discussing measurements in quarter inch increments, evoking the guts to rethink the known. Thank you to our prototyper Jennifer Webster.

All of these requests are answered with this new design, and now for the first time, you can completely customize your bag online. 

* Custom orders are final sale and payment may only be made by credit card. Store credit, discount codes and promotional codes do not apply.  This custom order ships in approx. 6 weeks*

This listing features medium or large. Many more sizes and styles to come soon!

*Please don't forget that all monitors will vary in the representation of colors. Always consider ordering swatches

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