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Rough & Tumble

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This bag is so floppy and bouncy. And the opening is wide like a tote, so it is easy to find things. This design stays closed and secure. If traveling, just tie the top pulls for extra security. The beauty is in the squishy top folds and poofy body. Available to customize  - just give us a call. 
Be the designer and design your one of a kind Truffle +1(207)808.5042

Cross Body + Shoulder Bag  


  • Low Profile adjustable straps (LP) | reinforced and hand stitched crossbody
  • closure | cinch 
  • hardware | antique silver (subtle)


  • our custom cotton blend tech lining | matte, neutral, rugged & lightweight 
  • pockets | full zipped pocket
  • four half-width slot pockets | two tall, two short
  • removable corded leather key fob | large easy Clip D ring + stationary D ring
    made one at a time in maine

    Leather Types

    lambskin - light weight - perfect for a lined bag, excellent weight for travel.

    nubuck / suede - medium weight - perfect for a lined bag, excellent weight for travel.

    cowhide - heavy weight - especially suited for totes & all unlined bags


    In stock items will ship within 1 - 5 business days.

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    We ship internationally.

    made one at a time in maine

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