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elevation strap

Rough & Tumble

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double gilded mink on double gilded mink
september on september
peridot on peridot
mica on distressed espresso
mica on black
mica on fawn
mica on saddle
gogo gold on double gilded mink
sapphire shimmer on black
mica on white
sapphire on white
platinum on white
gogo gold on white
tourmaline on white
pyrite on white
pyrite on black
double gilded mink on espresso
platinum on black
black on white
pool on tourmaline
mica on pyrite
mica on truffle
mica on vintage brown
black and white on black
sapphire shimmer on peridot
hibiscus on september
daffodil on vintage brown
mercury on black
mercury on storm
Clip on Strap to add to your bag! Accent your bag with a new strap style or add it to a crossbody bag! We love this with our new Pinched Bottom Traveler and Lotus!
Strap is approx. 21" x 1.5"
This item may not be substituted as a strap option for designs on our website.
made one at a time in maine
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