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1904 Pack

Betsy Olmsted


When our love becomes your love, why not take it to another level. We are so pleased to launch a very special collaboration with designer and artist Betsy Olmsted. We originally connected with Betsy, just cause she’s fabulous, to first bring you her Fox liner, chosen for many coveted custom designs. Now working together we have developed two new limited lining options - the R&T fox & Rosie linings.

Betsy Olmsted is the woman behind her namesake brand known for its lighthearted designs and cheerful color.  With a childhood dream of becoming a naturalist, Betsy has always adored animals and possessed an intrinsic fascination with the natural world, collecting specimens which have become subjects in her art.  Raised by a design savvy mother, Betsy learned to value objects of meaning: art, culture, antiques, and, most notably, textiles. With a passion for traveling and discovery, Betsy majored in art at Skidmore College and spent four inspiring months studying in India before receiving her Master's Degree in Textile Design from Philadelphia University.  Betsy's love of creatures and flora, hues and patterns, artistic expression and material culture formed the foundation for her company. 

Rough & Tumble X Betsy Olmsted


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